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Connectivity issue with A4 (Gig port) & C5

Hi Team

We are getting issue in switching between A4 switch to C5 Switch issue is whenever we set the port speed of both interconnected port to 1000mpbs then link get disconnect and when we keep it 100Mbps then only it works. We did all the possible configuration changes but issue remains same.

Why is it happing ? is it know problem ?

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I'd confirm your findings but why not let the ports to negotiation enabled.
In that case port negotiation set the port to 1000 full and the ports went up.

A4(su)->show port status ge.1.25 Alias Oper Admin Speed
Port (truncated) Status Status (bps) Duplex Type
--------- ------------ ------- ------- --------- ------- ------------
ge.1.25 Up Up 1.0G full BaseT RJ45

C5(su)->show port status ge.1.24 Alias Oper Admin Speed
Port (truncated) Status Status (bps) Duplex Type
--------- ------------ ------- ------- --------- ------- ------------
ge.1.24 Up Up 1.0G full Combo RJ45/SFP

So on my c5 on port ge.1.24.....
set port speed ge.1.24 10
set port duplex ge.1.24 half
set port negotiation ge.1.24 enable

On the A4 to use port ge.1.25 first you need to do...
set switch stack-port ethernet
then after the reboot..
set port speed ge.1.25 10
set port duplex ge.1.25 half
set port negotiation ge.1.25 enable

And the port should come up with 1000.
If it doesn't work could you try back to back with a patch cable.
I had some troubles in the past with bad cabling in our building and never got 1000 in such case.