Crestron AV equipment is shutting down, Isolated VLAN is only it works, could QOS help resolve it

The AV department wants to control their equipment from their office but the Crestron devices shutdown when they are on a vlan that can be accessed from another building. The only we got the AV equipment to be stable was to put them on a isolated vlan. I was wondering if QOS would help with this.

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That is pretty darn wacky behavior. Are you sure someone is not shutting them down when they have access to the network? You could use policy to make sure these devices can only talk to a specific management computer on a specific port to lock it down. Do these devices have any logging to help determine what is causing them to shut down? Perhaps you could setup a syslog server to record what is going on just before they shut down. You could put a work station on that vlan that can talk to the controllers directly and then rdp to the workstation to control the controllers. Then you could not configure a gateway on the controllers which would have the same effect as being on an isolated vlan. Only the workstation would have the gateway. Still the behavior you are describing doesnt make sense to me. John
The Crestron engineers thinks we have too much broadcast traffic but Enterasys looked at it and everything looked okay. I was just wondering if QOS would solve this, that is the only thing we did not try. We are pretty sure no one was shutting it down because at the time we first saw it the building was new. We got them to work by putting the ports for all the AV equipment on a isolated VLAN.
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You can setup broadcast supression on ports and uplinks. Qos only comes into play when a link is congested. Are you seeing links being congested? Are you seeing lots of non-unicast traffic on the ports connected to these de ices? Having the vlan routable shouldnt increase broadcasts because broadcasts are not routable. Is multicast configured on that VLAN? Maybe you have a problem with that. John
The links are not congested. We will take a look at multicast. Thanks
Was this issue ever resolved? Was it a multicast issue? We are having similar issues with Crestron devices falling off the network, or being slow to respond to button presses.
We resolved it with the help of enterasys. It was a simple fix. We turned off flow control
on the switches and we are able to have the crestron devices on a normal vlan with other
equipment. Let me know if you any other help. Joe
Thanks Joe. I'll send this information on, and let you know the outcome.