Delete hidden firmware from NVRAM on C2

One of our C2s still has a test firmware hidden in NVRAM. Because the firmware does not show up in "dir", I cannot delete it from the CLI. There was a KB article detailing the process of going into the Administrator menu at boot-up and choosing a hidden menu option to delete the file directly from the NVRAM. (I've followed it before with great success.) However, I cannot find the article now. I need to provide instructions to my local support to go clear the file out so we can upgrade it. Can someone please refresh me?

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This is reminiscent of an old A2 issue that required Tier3 intervention via remote session, and an old C2 issue that was automatically resolved by firmware action as of the June 2007 release:
Firmware 5.00.68 release notes state, in the '
Firmware Changes and Enhancements
' section:
Automatically delete the manufacturing diagnostic file from flash memory. If present, this file could potentially use enough space that it could prevent configuration files from being saved.

Beyond that, we appear to be in unknown (to me, at least) territory here...
Yep. This switch is mounted up a column on a staging floor, and it is running 05.00.59. Now that they're wanting to add a third switch into stack, we need to look into this again. It's been a while since we addressed all the older ones.

We corrected this using a hidden option in the boot menu before, because the only other option was to delete the operational code and upload the newer code by XMODEM, which takes quite some time.
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OK, the extra context is making more sense.

Painful though it may be, I'm thinking that the XModem upgrade (which directly replaces the operational code) is the most probable path to resolution. The procedure is documented here:
KB 5605, "
Firmware Upgrading a SecureStack via TFTP or XModem
" (

Also note the additional cautions at the top of that article; in particular, KB 11617, regarding a possible problem with direct upgrade of 5.00.xx firmware to 5.02 or higher - with a stated solution.
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And oh-by-the-way; if you have not already done this, prior to any upgrade operation you can delete the backup firmware image ('
', '
<[code]filename[/code]>') to free up directory space.
For what it's worth, I did find the hidden boot menu option and the options to delete the test firmware. We were able to delete the test file successfully and upgrade the stack to 05.02.18.