DHCP snooping on C5G124-48P

We starting having an issue with ports going D-Down on two C5 switches. In every case the device that was plugged in is a gaming console. Is there anyway to get more detail about what triggered the switch to place the port in D-Down? Netsight has not recording the port going down.

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Hello Brian
not sure if this could help but we had some issues with flowcontrol on some of the alphabets.
Could you check if disabling fc might solve your issue?
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D-Down is good explained in the GTAC Knowledge Home Base


After further investigating, all of the ports are going down because they are hitting the ARP rate limit. I'm still trying to figure out why this is only happening in one building. I turned off the ARP rate limit on the effected switch stacks and now they don't go down.

Students have consoles in their rooms in other residents halls with no issues.