DHCP snooping question and clearing routes

On Extremeware, v7.8 (platform doesnt matter but lets call it a 7i), where is the DHCP snooping command? Is DHCP snooping possible on extremeware?

And, on XOS, how do we clear the OSPF routing table? On Cisco it would be I believe
clear ip rotute *
but can not find the equivilant on xos v15.

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Hey Jimmy

DHCP snooping was not available in ExtremeWare.

To clear the route table use the command clear iproute.

Hope that helps
Thank you your reply.

For the clearing of routes, that clear iproute command is not on the ver we have. The first entry is w/o a space, the second entry is with a space after ip.

* 0551-RTR-01.5 # sh ver
Switch : 800300-00-01 1139G-80506 Rev 1.0 BootROM: IMG:
XGM2-1 :

Image : ExtremeXOS version v1523b2 by release-manager
on Fri Feb 22 15:39:24 EST 2013
BootROM :
* 0551-RTR-01.6 # clear ip
ip IPv4
ip-security IP Security
iparp ip arp command
ipmc IP Multicast
ipv6 IPv6
* 0551-RTR-01.6 # clear ip
dad Duplicate Address Detection
* 0551-RTR-01.7 #