Does anyone actually replace their switches every 5 years? If so can we have your old stuff? I work for a community college and we could use switches that are capable of POE af or at. They could be 100 Mb but 1 Gb would be better.

Since we are a non-profit your corporation should be able to write it off as a donation. Just checking.


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I checked my stack of old switches, but all we have with PoE is two B2H124-48Ps that are 9 years old. Also we're in Australia so it's probably not cost effective to ship them to you.
You're probably right. How many do you have?
John wrote:

You're probably right. How many do you have?

Just two, although one is now spoken for. I do have 4x C2G124-48 (not PoE) if you need gigabit and 2x Linksys SRW2024P but I would really hesitate before using the latter.