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enable sharing 1:2 grouping 1:2 1:3 lacp

  • 23 April 2017
  • 2 replies

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Does it mean active active or. Active passive...... As far I can understand I am assuming 1:2 will be primary link on which all traffic will pass, and 1:3 is standby and used only when 1:2 fails ...... Any one can correct me.....

2 replies

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In a LAG both links are active at the same time in your example. The difference for 1:2 is that port is the one used for the master and/or the commands to add or remove ports from the vlan(s).

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As Bill has mentioned, all link in a LAG (or LACP) is active.

But there are some options you can configure in sharing configuration. According to "algorithm" configured to load-balance traffic among the ports and traffic type in the network, the ratio of loaded traffic among the ports can be different. In other words, all traffic can be passed through port 1:2 only (no traffic on port 1:3 even though it is UP) like you said.

Please refer the "Link Aggregation" section in EXOS User Guide regarding the various options: