Enterasys DFE : Webview: Interface Utilization , RMON History strange values

we have an Enterasys N3 DFE with version 5.42.10 .

When I check by CLI "Rmon history" statistics I see that an interface have "Utilization(%)" value "4", but If I check the Utilization of the same interface by Webview, section "Rmon History" , I find value "407"!
Exists a document and/or an official Enterasys article that confirms that the value seen by Webview must be divided by 100 to get the effective interface usage percentage?

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Regarding you question I would recommend that you open a case with our Gtac so that we can gather some additional information and work with you towards the solution.


Andy Vaughan
Thanks Andy,
I'm sure that this behavior was documented on Enterasys Articles Knowledge Base but the problem is that KB of Enterasys is off-line from few months.... and I can't find on THE HUB similar issues description.
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When this question was first posted - looks like two weeks ago now - I took the liberty of going through the KB, with the thought that what you stated sounded familiar. I did find a "hit", but it was in reference to the Resource Utilization MIB appearing to be off by a factor of 10 rather than the RMON MIB appearing to be off by a factor of 100. I questioned the value of communicating this, so at the time opted not to do so.

With this topic revisit, I now present that located reference, which just so happens to also be part of the documentation we had already ported here to the Hub:
5695, "Displaying the CPU Utilization of the N/S-Series" (

What I take away from this finding is that the RMON mib looks to be using an implicit two decimal places, which would render a 4.07% reading in your example.

As an aside regarding the KB as it formerly existed - and at peril of hijacking a topic - please be aware that pains have been taken to port the most valuable elements of that database, as pertains to current products, to a new home here on the Hub. As of this moment, there are 578 KB articles, release notes, and manuals - plus 16 videos - available here. More is being added over time, as well. Look for the big purple question mark associated with FAQ User.

I hope that helps.