Error Message in Logging Buffer

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What does the following message means in logging buffer. System is a S-Series Device with Firmware Version

Dune[5.dTcmTask]Petra[0] Received Interrupt PB_IRE_BURST_ERR_FOLLOW_SOP_IS_ERR instance 0, count 2, value= 0x1

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This message was previously reported with S-Series firmware, related to a VSB port in transition to up or down.

After engineering review; it is deemed to be informational only, does not indicate a problem, and the logging will be corrected - probably suppressed - in a future firmware release.
I am also getting the same message on logging buffer, in addition I get:

Received Interrupt PB_NIF_SRD_LANE_INT from slot 6 (fuji 4), count 0, value= 0xc0

Received Interrupt PB_MAL_LINK_STATUS_CHANGE_INT from slot 6 (fuji 4), count 6, value= 0x1

Received Interrupt PB_MAL_RX_PCS_LN_SYNC_STAT_CHANGE_INT from slot 6 (fuji 4), count 6, value= 0xc
Nico, let us know if you have any follow up questions on this topic or if this answer is sufficient for you.