Extreme Summit 400-48 port stuck on boot

When i boot my Extreme Summit 400-48 port it hangs. When i connect serial cable it display Decompressing primary image from flash ..........................................+
It gets stuck after the + sign. It stays there forever. I try going into bootrom by pressing space and selecting primary image or secondary image or primary code or secondary code and they all get stuck on decompressing image from flash. I have also try reset same thing

Any though

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I hate to give you bad news, but every time I've had a switch behave like that, it has been a hardware failure.

Did you do anything like try and upgrade the firmware before having this problem?
No, it was on stack mode with 2 other summit 400, when we close the colo we just turn them off and move to our office, Sold the other two and now I wan to use this switch and it gives that error. I also see on the back that both stack lights are stady on green. I have also try upload image using xmodem upload and it just get stuck as well, it never finish. When I go to bootrom and press h for help all that works. Hopefully is not a hardware failure.
any update on this one ? I am seeing similar issue on 2 Summit 400's.
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Bhagyesh Lodha wrote:

any update on this one ? I am seeing similar issue on 2 Summit 400's.

If you're seeing this issue as well, it is very likely some type of hardware failure. The S400 is quite old at this point, at least 10 years for most of them.