Extreme Summit x430 - 24t

Hi! i Need some help, about the configuration Extreme SwItch Summit x430-24t . we need connect telephone cisco IP and i need the configuration.

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Can you be more specific about connecting Cisco IP Phone? Maybe I can help you.

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I have to connect a Cisco Ip Phone to Switch Summit x430-24t, we network have 2 VLAN (Data and Voice). and we need is a some configuration.
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This task loooks like:
I have a pan and I want to wright. How can I do this?
What exactly configuration do you need?

we have 2 vlan data and voice, we have to configure in a single interface for voice and data , this point comes to an IP phone and IP phone to the computer.

Please help.

Tenemos 2 vlan de datos y de voz, queremos configurarla en un a sola interfaz para voz y datos, que este punto llegue a un telefono IP y del telefono Ip a el computador.

Ayuda por favor
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Not sure what you are looking for.

The jumpstart guide shall help you: http://learn.extremenetworks.com/rs/extreme/images/Extreme-Networks-Deployment-Jumpstart.pdf

If you are in the default config, I would suggest to start by removing all the ports to the default vlan

# config vlan default del ports all

To create the two vlans, assuming they are named data and voice, with 802.1q tag 10 and 20:

# create vlan data tag 10
# create vlan voice tag 20

Add the port you need into it. Let's assume the port is port 1 and is untagged in vlan data and tagged in vlan voice:

# config vlan data add port 1
# config vlan voice add port 1 tag
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In addition to the above from Stephane, here is document that we also have to discuss TLV's with LLDP , etc. that might be of some help.