Frequently getting Request timed out....

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In our Network, We are getting "Request timed out" frequently for a Particular Vlan. For Example, If We have two vlan's(one is having 10.1.2.x IP Series and another one is having 10.1.57.x IP Series) in one of our switch, The Vlan having 10.1.2.x Series IP Address is working fine.

But, The other vlan having 10.1.57.x Series IP Address getting "Request timed out" frequently. Is there an possibility for loop in these Vlan?

Also, We are getting IP address from our DHCP Server for this Vlan(10.1.57.x). But, It is not pinging with any of our servers.

What will be cause for this Problem?

What are the Options available to identify and solve this issue? Is there any way identify the problem through switch Logs?

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Try implementing ELRP on the problem vlan - configure it for all ports but set to notify you rather than disable ports. Check the concept guide for ELRP.

Also try 'show port stats' - are any ports receiving very large numbers of broadcast packets? This may also point to a loop or broadcast storm on your network.
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Duplicate address? You can use IP DAD to check.
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These type of issues are better understandable and easy to troubleshoot while we have access to the switches during failed state. So, could you open a case with GTAC?