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GTAC Knowledge new articles June 22, 2015

  • 22 June 2015
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Here are the new articles that have been published last week (June 13 - June 22, 2015) in GTAC Knowledge:

Sunday 6/21/2015
3825i running reset condition

Saturday 6/20/2015
Dragon: Upgrading a Dragon Appliance to v8.3
Error: unknown board type 0x0030
IdentiFi Wireless 802.1x user Radius Authentication request being rejected with server error code = 22
Does the switch fail over to local credentials when configured for radius login?
802.1x Authentication problem
What is the base OID for Extreme Networks?
AP2640 convert from Standalone to thin client AP
How do I Activate Lifetime Warranty for my Entitled Products?

Friday 6/19/2015
Send email notifications for syslog message
How to configure a default route on a Securestack
how to establish baseline for DOS-PROTECT in EXOS switches
How to block or allow access to Network resources.

Thursday 6/18/2015
NAC: Determining the Version and Patch Level of Netsight Suite
How to Upgrade an AP from the CLI
Which EXOS version is required for Extreme switches in order to use Chalet?
Enable PVST+ over L2VPN (VPLS/VPWS)
In NetSight where can user see role count information for devices?
What is the supported filtering behavior of different IdentiFi Access Points?
How to delete a link within a map in OneView
How can I view the Management port status and statistics in EXOS?

Wednesday 6/17/2015
New wireless clients unable to obtain DHCP address
Which PSUs are compatible with the Summit X460-G2?
Why Am I Getting The Dropped CM_MSG_CHKP_NOTIFY Messages in My Logs?
Why does my configuration disappear when I enable stacking?
S-Series resetting with debug message log: Fuji IDF MAIN intr: Fuji=1, Adr=0, Reg=0x00000001
EXOS: Error message noted - MM-A: 0000:00:19.0: eth0: Detected Tx Unit Hang:
Apple iDevice prefers to connect to a AP2610 over an AP3825 running WEP encryption.
NetSight NAC - Guest registration for mobile captive portal on Chrome browser running on Android devices will not scroll to bottom to accept AUP
Can a NetSight user schedule daily reboot of devices from Inventory Manager

Tuesday 6/16/2015
N-Series Monotoring VLAN traffic via SNMP
Summit X430 boots everytime with factory default configuration
Why do I receive an error when configuring STP on software redundant ports?
How to configure RADIUS authentication via CLI on 800-series switches
How to uninstall the SSH module in EXOS
LAG Not working on BD8900 using PSTAG on different slots
exosmc: ip_mc_handle_msdp_data:2033: MC: Ingress vif not found
Switch no longer provides POE
Large puna_trace.xml files in the NetSight\appdata\logs\bk_third_party directory

Monday 6/15/2015
No new articles published

Sunday 6/14/2015
How To Install a New Stackable System of Up to Eight Units

Saturday 6/13/2015
S-Series hard bonding vsb port unavailable if chassis is mixed module compatibility?mode v1
Dragon: Importing Snort Signatures Within Dragon v8.x
How to configure option 66 on EXOS DHCP server
With Lock-learning confiured on a port creating a static FDB entry on the port is blackholed
Filewave Imaging Software will not work across S-Series Routed interface
Where Can A Custom Guest Portal Ticket Template Be Found
Client devices intermittently connect to APs in a Load Balance group.
SecureStack last reset caused by broad_hpc_stacking.c(2564) Error code 0xfffffff5

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