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help to reset B5G124-48P2 to default settings or reset admin password!!

  • 8 February 2015
  • 4 replies

Hi Experts, in recent days I bought an enterasys switch , yes I now they are extreme networks now, so I tried unsuccessfully to reset to factory default config since I don not have the admin password cause I got it from ebay, so that's the problem, I follow sequences to reset it but it don't work, my syntom is that the switch connected via console simple doesn't receive any command, I mean I can see the booting process of the switch and such, then I push the reset button from the back and it is also shown on terminal in my laptop, but nothing happens, I check the terminal cable, with other networking devices and it is working, really I don't know what to do and I near to destroy the switch, here is the model B5G124-48P2, any help or point to any kind of info will be very appreciated!!!


4 replies


Connect the serial cable connect during the start choose option 2, will request password enter: administrator

then choose option 9 for factory setting
Then option 2 to start.

Log in with admin or rw without blank

Hello Jason,

Here are the steps I follow,
-Hit reset button during 10 secs after the SW boots
-Wait for 10 mins to something shows but nothing

-Then I hit reset button after the SW boots complete
on both cases the reset button presed was shown on the console

I see something weird, after the SW boots prompt for "Username:" I try to enter anything but nothing is echoed on the screen.
Also when the SW gives the option to enter 1 or 2 from boot menu, I hit 2 and nothing happens.
In conclusion nothing can be entered from my keyboard, also checked if something wrong with my lap top or the cable, but they are working ok since I was able to connect to a router.

---------------------------------exit form terminal------------------------------
Enterasys B5-Series Boot Code...
SDRAM Circuit Test of 512MB

Version 02.00.50 10-14-2010

Computing MD5 Checksum of operational code...
Select an option. If no selection in 2 seconds then
operational code will start.

1 - Start operational code.
2 - Start Boot Menu.
Select (1, 2):

Operational Code Date: Wed Oct 12 14:47:48 2011

50% 100%
Adding 72870 symbols for standalone.
Instantiating /ramDrv:0 as rawFs, device = 0x30001
Instantiating /snapDrv:0 as rawFs, device = 0x40001
SOC unit 0 attached to PCI device BCM56513_A0
SOC unit 1 attached to PCI device BCM56513_A0
Adding BCM transport pointers
Configuring CPUTRANS TX
Configuring CPUTRANS RX
st_state(0) = 0x0
st_state(1) = 0x2

(Unit 1)(STACK: master on 0:1f:45:c6:d7:dc (1 cpu, 2 units)
STACK: attach 2 units on 1 cpu
This switch is manager of the stack.

The following commands in "startup-config.cfg" failed:

clear snmp access ro security-model v1
clear snmp access ro security-model v2c
clear snmp access public security-model v1
clear snmp access public security-model v2c
clear snmp access public security-model usm

<161>Jan 22 07:43:53 USER_MGR[1]: 207 % Password Reset button has been pressed

<161>Jan 22 07:59:02 USER_MGR[1]: 208 % Password Reset button has been pressed

<161>Jan 22 07:59:03 USER_MGR[1]: 209 % Password Reset button has been pressed

<161>Jan 22 07:59:04 USER_MGR[1]: 210 % Password Reset button has been pressed

Do I missing something? or perhaps the Console port of my SW is damage?

thanks for any help.

Thanks Jason,

Let me try rigth now those steps, and let you know.

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The reset button on the back of the unit is to reset the password The console should report the message that the password buttoon has been pushed if you hit the button (6-10 seconds) and let it be for about 2-5 minutes then try admin amd enter There is another way and that is to reset the unit and when you see a prompt for a 1 or 2, hit 2 and type in administrator (unless someone has changed the password then you have to go back to the first steps I suggested. It should give you an option number (this would depend on firmware ) to clear the config to defaults and then ater that selection you would then ned to select reset Other than that, those are the only options Good Luck Jason