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Help with "SCHAN errors detected on SoC unit 1" messege.

  • 7 August 2014
  • 7 replies

(B2H124-48P - Fw:
Who can help me with the mean of the following message:
<162>Jan 1 00:00:00 UNKN[203503288]: broad_system.c(3605) 1190333 %% 7 SCHAN errors detected on SoC unit 1

7 replies

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Please open a ticket with the GTAc. Is this reproducible? Thanks
Yes, it is happening every time (several times per hour).
Please read the submitted article on the Hib C2/B2/A2-Series with Errors Detected on SoC Unit Then contact support to isolate root cause
Jason, is there any solution other than RMA? I have had to RMA many switches for SCHAN issues.
Patrick I was looking to get this documented in the GTAC Some history Some customer of lab people have only seen this on time Some customers have cleared the configuration and put it back on the switch Getting this documented (as we have not consistently seen the issue could help Other Lessions could be learned such as If you pulled certain ports and the issue stopped but put it back on could let us know if we are handling the packets the wrong way We are not trying to put through any pain but maybe this could help us determine the root cause that it could help all customers Your thoughts Jason
I normally see parity errors on the console during system boot diagnostics along with the SCHAN errors and have always assumed hardware issues with the memory subsystem and RMAs have always been handled without question.

You are correct that unplugging and plugging ports can force the generation of error messages. When traffic does flow, performance is very poor. SCHAN errors can be seen on a test bench with minimal traffic, e.g. a single laptop connected to the switch with no other traffic. The SCHAN errors will normally appear immediately.

I would imagine that I would have tried clearing the configuration and concluded that that did not help, but I will certainly try that again when I next see a switch with SCHAN errors.
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Please note that we are trying to improve what is hardware vs. software issues . Here is another article to review