How much memory are the Summit 460-48t and the 460-24t switches supposed to have?

I've got 460-24t switches claiming they have 1gb of RAM, and 460-48t claiming they have 512mb. Is this normal, and if so, why do the "bigger" switches have less RAM?
I can't find an official spec sheet anywhere that lists the RAM.

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Hello Dave

The memory should be 1G total based on the DS and it should be the same on each one.

If you do a show memory on each switch can you post the results here.

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Yes. The storage memory should be 1 GB for all X460 switch.

What I am thinking is that X460-48 switch may have 2 ASIC chip. First 24 ports are assigned to first ASIC and next 24 ports are assigned to 2nd ASIC.

First ASIC might gets 512 MB and 2nd ASIC would get 512 MB. However, total memory would be 1 GB. However, I have to confirm it if 48 port switch does have two ASIC or not.

Total memory is shared amongs the ASIC. It's using smart memory allocation method.
System Type: X460-24t
System Memory Information
Total DRAM (KB): 1048576

System Type: X460-48t
System Memory Information
Total DRAM (KB): 524288
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Interesting: For me it's shows below output. What software is running on switch? How many 48 port device you have?

SysName: X460-48tSysLocation:
SysContact:, +1 888 257 3000
System MAC: 00:04:96:51:E8:6E
System Type: X460-48t

* X460-48t.2 # show memory

System Memory Information
Total DRAM (KB): 1048576
System (KB): 18152
User (KB): 168996
Free (KB): 861428

I'm not sure how many we have off-hand (I'm not at work right now), but of the two 48t's I've checked, one is p1-3 and the other one is
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You should have 1GB of RAM on any x460.
I would recommend you to open a case with GTAC to investiguate further why your (some?) 48 ports report 512MB.
Do I understand correctly that you are saying that at least 2 x460-48 are having the same issue, and they are running different EXOS version?