How To Create a multiple Wireless Networks on a C25?

I have a C25 with some APs currently configured with a single internal WLAN. I want to create another one and so that external users can use it to connect to the internet instead of having them use my internal one. In addition, I am thinking having this Wlan (let's called it Public) on its own subnet with DHCP enable at the Wireless controller lever.

My internal Wlan uses my internal DHCP server to distribute IPs.

Can anyone let me know what I need to do to accomplish this?


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You can launch the VNS wizard and it will walk you through the process of creating another VNS. You will need a vlan range for your Public ssid, if you don't have it already. Probably bridge at controller is what would fit your needs. Just make sure you egress out the vlan for guest out of the controller network switch ports. After you set up the VNS, go to the topology for Public and setup the dhcp configuration there. Then go to your role for your public auth role and lock it down to allow only the traffic you want. I usually set up guest to allow dhcp, dns to all, block internal ip ranges and allow all for the last rule for the users to just have internet traffic.