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How to enable STP in Extreme Switches?

  • 4 December 2015
  • 4 replies

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How to enable STP in Extreme Switches?

is it possible configure STP for selected Ports alone? If possible please share the stps...

4 replies

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Hi Thavamani,

Take a look the GTAC Knowledge article How to configure RSTP in EXOS
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Hi Thavamani, By default, the Default VLAN is already a member of STP Domain s0. If you created any additional VLANs, you could add those ports to the STP s0 domain using the following command:
configure stpd add vlan ports [/code]The above command allows you to be specific about the ports you want to add. If you do however wish to add all the ports, the auto-bind feature outlined in the article Dorian provided can be very handy.
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Hello Thavanami, I have the script of the configuration of the STPD. Do you question is about spanning-tree or STP ( Software of the inline-power - POE )?

Send my script of spanning-three.

create stpd EX: VLan: 2000 --> STPD_2000config stpd add vlan ports [u] emistp
config stpd add vlan ports dot1d

config stpd ports link-type edge edge-safeguard enable bpdu-restrict

config stpd tag
config stpd mode dot1w
enable stpd
enable stpd
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You can use the commands to see the stpd working.
show stpd
show stpd < name stpd >