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interconnect C3 with Cisco ASR1001 over copper at 1gb not working

  • 30 November 2013
  • 4 replies

I am trying to establish a 1 Gb link between a C3 switch and a Cisco router ASR1001.
Until now the highest speed obtained is 100 Mb FD.
The cabling in between is brand new certified cat6.A
Patch cables idem dito.
Distance is about 60 meters.
Connecting a PC wit Gigabit NIC over the cabling is working on both systems Cisco or C3 switch.
On the C3 I advertize 1000TFD. Enabling or disabling negotiation is not solving the issu.
Any help is welcome.

4 replies

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Hello Freddy,

Can you post the results of running the 'show port advertise PORTSTRING' command on the C3?
It is possible there is a mismatch in advertised capability.

Thank you.
HI Michael, Here the info asked: 001-xTK00_C324P-nr1(su)->show port advertise ge.1.5 ge.1.5 capability advertised remote ------------------------------------------------- 10BASE-T yes yes yes 10BASE-TFD yes yes yes 100BASE-TX yes yes yes 100BASE-TXFD yes yes yes 1000BASE-T no no no 1000BASE-TFD yes yes no pause yes yes yes Best regards, Freddy
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Hello Freddy,

It looks like the Cisco side is not advertising 1000BASE-TFD support.

capability advertised remote
1000BASE-TFD yes yes no

The first yes means the C3 is physically capable of connecting at 1000BASE-TFD
The second yes means the C3 is advertising this capability
The no means the remote side (in this case the Cisco) did not advertise this capability.

Thank you.
OK, thanks. I will try the guys managing the Cisco to let them verify this. Thanks