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interface system x440


On the siwtch 800 series, i associated a vlan created and a ip @ with the system.

#Config ipif System ipaddress
#config ipif System vlan admin

Is there any command which approach those ones on switch x440?

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You can use the following command to apply an IP address to a VLAN:

config vlan ipaddress [i]

For example, out of the box there is the "Default" VLAN, you would use the following syntax:

config vlan Default ipaddress

You can configure a vlan ipaddress or if you have a management network you can configure the management port . But in both cases commands are same.

Management port works under a different virtual router so you can have a out of band management if you have a seperate management network.

create vlan admin tag 100
configure vlan admin ipaddress

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Hello Frederic

the commands are

create vlan admin
config admin ipa

that creates the VLAN and assigns the IP address. If you need IPForwarding (routing) turned on use the command en ipf for enable ipforwarding.

to assign a tag the command is configure admin tag x

hope that helps

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If I am understanding you correctly you are looking to create a vlan and add an IP Address. These are the commands to do so in EXOS:

create vlan tag
configure vlan ipaddress [i]/
thx for reply.

I'll need more test.
I explain :
If i create another vlan and an IP@, can we connect and configure the switch on these new vlan?
My goal is to manage my switch with only one vlan.

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Hello Federic. Yes any VLAN with an IP is an Avenue to manage the switch. If you don't want that access then will need to create an Access lost to block it. Thanks P
You can use a different virtual router for that vlan or you can use access-lists to prevent access.

There is not host vlan feature on the XOS.


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As Burak stated, if you want to isolate your management VLAN, you may want to just use the "mgmt" vlan as it resides on the VR-Mgmt.

The only downside is that most management ports only go up to 100 instead of gig.
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I may have misread the question. You can use the Management Out of Band port to manage the switch which would then be tied to a separate network. or you can just assign one IP to any switch to manage inband.

I thought the questions was if I have multiple VLANs with and IP address will all of them be allowed to be managed the switch and the answer is yes. the only way to restrict that access is to use an access profile/list.

You can find in management module of the configuration:
#create trusted_host network telnet http https

sorry, my mistake.

the command just up there is for 800 series switch.
Still searching equivalent on x440 switch.