Inverter Role Slots Stacking ( Master and Backup )

Good evening, I have 2 slots with stacking ( Slot1 - Master and Slot2 - Backup) how to invert the roles?

I want to make Slot1 - Backup and Slot2 - Master


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In slot 2 type "configure stacking redundancy minimal" and assumed the role master.

Now, I need to know if I can put the two slots as Master, for I am with high processing problem and would like to share the load between the two slots, because I realized that processing focuses at Master, so I would keep 2 slots as Master.

Any suggestions for balancing the processors ?????
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You can't have a dual Master in a same stack.
What are the type of switches in your stack?
Hi, first tanks to reply!

The problem of high CPU occurs often, however not always, and the networks is slow.

1 Core with 2 Slots.
X450a-48t - Slot1 - Master
X450a-24x - Slot2 - Backup

The peaks when processing occurs, occurs only in master ........ I would try to balance this process, with the stack that is not possible?

I Invert the Master with Backup and processing changed to Master !!?and mute processing for Master !!?

An additional information for the case, see the graph of CPU usage at times.

This chart is collected by SNMP OID in stack of .

these peaks are that the network is slow, where the Saturday due to greater movement that becomes more frequent

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Let's detail a bit how stacking works with Extreme. This is really like a virtual chassis, where one member is the management module (with I/O), while the other members are I/O modules only. You can have several Backup management (up to n-1), for redundancy.

This management node, the Master, is in charge of the Control Plane. So everything that is CPU related goes to it: protocols pdu, broadcast, arp... and this is where the RIB is as well (to simplify).

However, the data plane is performed in hardware and locally to each member. So the traffic doesn't go to the Master.

That being said, to answer your question, you can't load-balance processes across different CPU. While CPU activity is not as critical as it was/is on well-known competitor devices, you shouldn't have in a steady state too much of cycles used. You seem not, and you seem to correlate the high CPU usage to network slowness.

Do you know what process is using so much the CPU?

You may have an issue somewhere, resulting in slowpath data traffic (traffic going into CPU instead of hardware), and the best approach would be to identify it and correct it.

Hi, tks to reply!!!

In most cases, the process consumes more CPU's "bcmRX"

Remove the OSPF stackin a solution?

This example of TOP, no problems, this is a normal situation