IP address duplicate:

I ran "show iparp" on Summit X480e 48p core switch, and the output of this command indicates that there is an ip duplicate. That duplication IP address also happens to be the address of this same core switch. Right now I am up the creek without a paddle because I am sure where to look. Can anybody please help?

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DUP IP address: IP addresses that have been used by other hosts on the network.

Can you please enable the DAD(duplicate address detection) on your switch and check if there are any other host who has the same IP address.
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Could you tell if the ip is of VRRP ip.
If yes incase there was dual master scenario earlier then it would have indicated it has duplicate ip
because of VRRP gratuitous arp.

I wouldnt be much worried.
i would prefer doing continuous ping to confirm there is no other host has the same ip.