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is it possible to connect the extreme switch x440 direct with ISP ip gateway?

Is it possible to connect the extreme switch x440 direct with ISP ip gateway (i am unable to get internet access on the other vlans )

Hello Every one,

i am getting stuck while accessing the internet to the private vlans.i created 2 test vlans . on default able to access while other unable to access .i placed a switch direct with ISP gateway .inter-vlan routing & ip-forwarding also be configured but got stuck on NAT configuration.
how do i configure NAT on my switch.Plz suggest


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Hello, Sarmad!

Summit switches don't support NAT.
As workaround you can use ACL.
Here link for ACL usage - http://extrcdn.extremenetworks.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/ACL_Solutions_Guide.pdf

Thank you!
Hello Alexandr,

If there are 1x systems then ACL is not suitable but can we configure these 1x systems in a VLAN and add this VLAN IP on ACL then will this work?

Please correct if i am wrong.

Thank You!

thank u for reply

will ACL sort out my issue..?

demo an ACL example to the access the internet to private vlan on the switch.

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ACL's as a workaround for NAT can make a huge mess If it was possible, and would be very limited. I tried to find a way to do this with ACL's but we need the ability to change the destination IPv4 address as NAT does. Currently EXOS ACL's do not support changing of the destination IPv4 address.

Sorry for the bad news. I would recommend adding a firewall or a device that supports NAT.