Is there a possibility to set a port delay manually on Summit Switches

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Sounds strange i know but is there a possibility to set a port delay manually on Summit Switches?
The Problem is that our connected Devices are causing troubles because the packets are delivered too fast (1 of the devices normally assumes a WAN route and is trimmed to longer delay times)

Help would be really appreciated!


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Sorry.but your requirement does not make a whole lot of sense in networking terms.
Port Speeds and Duplex can be set. and it may be possible to rate limit.

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😉 i know and also told that to my customer - normally we are doing our best to prevent delay...but in some cases (mainly for testing purpose in connection with sip) that feature would make sense.

on apple macbooks you can do that (set delay and jitter) at the eth0 device
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I have searched for such tools in the past ( for testing IP telephony ), there do seem to be some Linux based tools for testing, but I did not fancy the pain involved in installing them.
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Hello Peter

This is interesting I think the only thing that can be done manually is to set the traffic into a queue and set a limit to the max bandwidth of the queue. The port will respond to a pause frame if the end device sends it but that has other issues as eventually somewhere has to buffer the traffic.

Hope that helps