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Are the K-10 line cards hot swap able?

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Hello Ako,

The K-Series I/O cards are electrically hot swappable and can be inserted at any time.

In order to pull a line card with no service impact to an operational system, hot-swap requires that the system be notified.
The I/O cards don't like to be yanked.

See the following info from release notes:
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Line cards may be inserted at any time and will normally be initialized by the fabric module. A fabric module clears all configuration settings stored on it each time the module is moved to a different chassis. A status LED on the front of each line card indicates its status. If the LED is green the line card is operational. The system should be notified prior to removing a line card. To do this the user presses the line card’s “off line” button with a small diameter object such as a paper clip. The Status LED will then change from green to amber and then go off to indicate the line card may now be removed. Removing a line card while its status LED is lit may result in numerous hardware errors being displayed and may temporarily interfere with the normal operation of control plane protocols, and in some cases other line cards or the fabric module. You should always wait for the line card status LED to turn off before removing the card. Line card slots may also be held permanently in the shutdown state by issuing the command “set system module disable”. The disable is persistent through chassis reboots and with line card removal or reinstallation. System administrators may use this feature to take a suspect line card offline or to prevent empty slots in a chassis from becoming operational if accidentally populated.

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Yes, all the I/O modules in the chassis are hot swappable. You are supposed to push the reset button on the card before pulling the card out to tell the management that you want to remove the card. The replacement card, if it is the same model, will be programmed with all the information that was on the original card.