LACP between 3Com 8800 - Enterasys C5 - Stack Enterasys A4

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I'm migrating a network that originally used a 3com 8800 core switch and 3com 5500 switches in stack, in a star topology network.

at this time remains the core switch 3com 8800 switches which are connected enterasys c5. between the core C5 3com 8800y each lag is necessary to form a 2 Gb and C5 form a lag every 2 Gb enterasys a stack of a4. I have had intermittent problems with the configuration of the lags between 3com 8800 core and C5 and between C5 and A4.

My question is: how parameters should be set as: The aadminkey, operkey, priority when making a lag between these devices to ensure proper operation?

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If using dynamic LAGs - that is, the LACP protocol - generally there should be no need to set any of the parameters you've mentioned. Typically a dynamic LAG would just work when attached, without the need to invest much thought to configuring it or tweaking its settings. However, there are times when the interconnection of equipment from different manufacturers results in LAG instability while using default settings.

In particular, you may find a discussion of LACP timers to be of interest:
5340, "Troubleshooting 802.3ad Dynamic LAG Connections" (