LACP between Entrasys and Other OEM

Hi all ,

I have an assignment where in i need to connect an Entrasys Switch to and HP/CISCO swicth for a POC.

I have pretty much mastered the HP/CISCO end , but entrasys remains new to me !

i have done my bit of research in the internet . and i intend to use "Dynamic LACP" to do the job at both ends.

This is what i am planning to do , which i came across in one of the google links.....

set lacp enable
set port lacp port ge.1.1-12 enable ( to enable ports 1 and 2 into a LACP LAG)

It says that it will dynamically detect an LACP link and would connect seamlessly .Is that it ? or am i missing something !

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For the most part, on Enterasys products LACP is globally enabled by default.
For the most part, on Enterasys products (exception: C5 & B5) LACP is port-enabled by default.
Thus, for the most part no configurations are required at all. Just connect and go!

There are finer levels of available control, and special considerations based on the mix of products, that can make the discussion a bit more complicated, though. Further details provided may elicit a more detailed response.

You should also find that a search for "LACP" within this forum will yield quite a number of topics/articles that collectively may well answer any further questions you have. If your questions remain unanswered, feel free to add to this topic.