Hi for all,

I have got 2 server rooms in near location.
I got non-Extreme Backbone on main server room.
I got an BD 8810 on the other server room. This BD8810 has x460 on edges.

The problem is I want manage all switches and backbones on main server room.
I have given IP address on MNGMT vlan. I can't give any tag or vlan ID on MNGMT Vlan.
Therefore how can I reach to my MNGMT Vlan on the other side.
I patched between MNGMT port and port1 on same switch. Is this possible?

On the main server room my MNGMT vlan is 2.
I think I need 2 MNGMT Vlan on Extreme switches and non-extreme switches.

Any idea?

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Mgmt port is a out of band port, and should be connected to a dedicated management network. It is part of a dedicated VR (VR-Mgmt) and cannot be modified (apart its IP address). You can, alternatively, use any in band vlan for management, just by setting an IP address to it. Patching the Mgmt port into an in band port is possible, but you're using ports without reasons, imho.