Module on Matrix X 16 CPU load 100%

Hello guys,
We have a Matrix X 16-slot. On one of the modules we received the following messages:
WARNING: CPU utilization (100.0%) has exceeded the monitored threshold limit (80.0%)
After that all the ports on the module stopped working.
The module is 8 Port XFP GBIC 10 Gigabit Ethernet. After the module was reseated the problem was gone.
These were the processes on the module
Name ProcID 15 Sec 1 min 5 min
domainlink 7 0.26 0.28 0.25
dlm 10 131.80 131.71 132.85
ess 13 41.60 35.60 20.61
fabmIom 14 6.20 6.38 6.18
fem 15 14.13 16.08 17.56

I could not find any information about these processes. Has anyone seen this problem or should i open GTAC case

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Do you use CA-Spectrum maybe for polling the devices? In a number of cases the last 15 years of my business Spectrum makes such an issue or was the major reason for it (reboot's of E1 switches for example).
Hello Adam,
Thanks for the quick reply. CA-Spectrum is used. Is it possible that only one module got 100% CPU utilization in this case
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What version do you use on your X-Series? There exists also a 497 days issue with release or with a known spanningtree issue.
The version is
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I would recommend you to open a TAC case for this and if exists please attache the core dump file(s).