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Multicast forwading inter-VLAn without default gateway, TTL=1 and PIM enabled


We have a BD8806 with several VLANs. We have PIM enabled and multicast routing between these VLANs.

The problem is the following:

A special IP device connects to one of the VLANs and send multicast packets that should reach the other VLANs. The problem is that this device does not have a default gateway configured nor can we configure it. Nor can we change the IP. In addition, this device send multicast packets with TTL = 1.

Is there any configuration that can be done in the BD to be able to receive that multicast packets in another VLAN?

We have tried several strategies, including MVR. But we can not enable MVR since it is applied to the entire switch and forces us to eliminate our already configured multicast routing.


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Thanks for answering. using an intermediate Linux machine for us is not a valid solution, I'm afraid, due to the space and connectivity limitations we have where these devices are installed.

Mirror traffic to another vlan? how can we do this? we tried to configure multicast flooding for the port where this device connects, but it does not work.

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1) you can mirror traffic to another vlan, but this has consequences...

2) maybe you can connect linux device as bridge and use iptables to set new TTL