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NAC debugging at the edge

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We did a lot of NAC installations at different customers in different markets with Enterasys, Cisco, HP, and Juniper edge devices. With that experience we have a big difference between this vendors in case of debugging and troubleshooting. On the Enterasys edge devices we are missing a lot of functions especially for debugging at authentication, authorization, policy use and packet block/forward at port level. We would like to see more of these functions in future releases of software at B/C/G/D-Series, EWC and 7100s. Volker

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Thank you for the great idea Volker. I will be meeting with my product teams on a weekly basis to discuss the ideas that are coming from our community members. Please keep an eye out for updates.
Volker - Thanks for your input. I have had several discussions with several people within the company - there are some debugging capabilities already available but there is always room for improvement. I will get back to you soon with an update. Thanks for your input and patience
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I agree, we definitely need to see some more debugging across the product range - especially with more complex features like 802.1x & authentication. The debugging on NAC appliances is excellent, it just needs a bit more on the switch/wireless controller side of things to complete the picture.