Nesight Monitor Module SNMP / Syslog

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Is there anyway in Netsight to Alarm / Monitor a module in an Enterasys S-Series Chassis.

Have found an OID of 'etsysOidPhySK1008x0816', which contains an example of one the modules I want to monitor in enterasys-oids-mib.txt but there is no related mib for it?

There may well be a command, say through RMON that can do this for me but not sure how?

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What do you want to moniter? You say that you want to monitor a blade but what is your soecific concern? CPU? Resets? It it is up? Link utilization?
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Sorry, thought I had used the word 'Failure' somewhere. We had an issue recently where a module failed, that much so that it not longer showed available in the slot. The customer was concerned that they did not get a specific alarm for that type of failure. The only alarms they got where link failures but only failures of links on the remote side that had noticed the status change, the core itself remained error free (I believe), because the links no longer showed available. Thanks.