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New GTAC Knowledge Articles August 23 - 29, 2015

  • 1 September 2015
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We have made some changes to our processes for publishing Just In Time (JIT) articles, and over sixteen hundred new articles were published last week. With all this new content, please be sure to search the GTAC Knowledge Base for solutions.

Here are the new articles that were published last week (August 23 - August 29 2015) in GTAC Knowledge (not including the 1,646 from Tuesday):

Sunday, August 23, 2015:
SummitStack: show stacking configuration - Error:can't read "xmlData(reply.0.message.0.stackingShowInfo.0.host_is_master.0
Summit WM3400 Controller fails to boot up.

Monday, August 24, 2015:
How to Remove "Powered by" Logo from Bottom of Captive
How to Capture received packets using an ACL and log the packet header to the "show log" output
What does the SecureStack message 'Excessive Interrupts Received for I2C interface for unit#' mean?
POE Inlinepower on 7100-Series shows POE operstatus "off" and "Other Fault" even with correct POE power supplies installed
After upgrading from 9.15.06 to 9.21.02 all Ascom phones are now in message only mode.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015:
1,646 articles were published!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015:
Excessive VRRP Log Messages: Advert for VR ignored: received length
What is the EXOS equivalent of the Cisco 'switchport voice vlan' command?
X-CM-00 fails to boot with error "ext2: Attempt toFAT: invalid media value (0x00)..."
How to import a SIEM backup archive
How do I show VLAN configuration for a port in a down state on the S-Series
If one service is not supported in a role do the other services still get enforced?
How to Use PBR to Redirect Internet Bound Traffic
Which Altitude APs support the Virtual Controller feature?
Is Disabling ICMP Redirects Required When Using Route-maps?
NAC Troubleshooting Tips - Debug Methodology for IP Resolution
How to enable wireless client reporting on the wireless appliance.
SNMP Informs from Securestack are not received by Netsight in the Trap tab

Thursday, August 27, 2015:
What options do I have for NetSight?
How to configure Identifi Wireless Controller to send data to Purview
SNMP master process ends unexpectedly with signal 6 with certain sequence of snmpbulkget and snmpget
Policy Manager - Setting MAC auth on EXOS switch not completing CLI commands
Cannot Select/Apply WS-AO-DX07025N to an AP3865e Access Point'
Large ICMP packets are being dropped by EXOS platform even if DF bit is not set.
Why does the x460G2 require a software upgrade out of the box?
Manage SNMP Password fails
Do access points automatically return back to controller after failover?
NAC has run out of disk space
Policy Index 0 Showing In Switch Multiauth Session Output
OneView: Cannot create or rename VLANs with a hyphen in the name in OV maps
Siem: Browser will not connect to Dashboard WebUI, gives 'Server not Found' error
K-Series line-card shutting down with Fuji MAC MAIN intr error messages in syslog and debug message logs
What is the recommended cable gauge size to ground an access point or lightening protector.
How to properly ground an AP3865e for lightening protection

Friday, August 28, 2015:
AP radios are off on some APs
How to release all clients of a Wireless controller or access point
How to consolidate licenses from different accounts into one
Does applying a permanent VSB licenses result in any disruption to system?
AP sends deauthentication frames to clients that are not associated with it.
How to change the 800-Series default route statement
Does the 800-Series support telnet by default
What is the minimum IdentiFi wireless' software version required by the 9.21 release?
Do the C5-Series switches support Netflow
C35 controller not becoming active in Oneview
S-Series and LSNAT are not Load Balancing
Does a Router ARP Cache Need to be Cleared if the Connected Firewall is Swapped?
How to see if B5 switch is delivering PoE from Netsight
How to correlate bridge port integer to port number
1 gig port links up at 100 meg
How to delete an evaluation license off Netsight Server
Security Checklist For S-Series, K-Series, N-Series and Securestack
IdentiFi AP Properties does not support intended Country of Operation when deploying a new AP Type
OneView: Export Map as SVG menu option in OneView is missing
OneView: How to increase the cap limit of 100 Devices per map in Oneview
FTP of firmware to V2110 controller very slow when FTP server is on same vSwitch
How to troubleshoot common issues with Ascom i62 phones

Saturday, August 29, 2015:
Is a reboot required for changing the iproute sharing (ECMP) configuration?
Securestack B / C / G / I with performance issues and timeout draining packets in the logs
Is the protocol BFD (Bidirectional Forwarding Detection) supported on the X460-48T?
What does it mean when an exclamation point (!) appears in front of the command line prompt?
X-CM-00 is not recognized by the system
Where do I find the download for One Fabric OneFabric Connect OFConnect?
Intermittent Loss of SNMP to Securestack
How to reset password on Securestack switch
How to Install New Configuration into an RBT-4102
NetSight - unable to connect client with license error
How To Configure a Trap to be Sent when a New MAC address is Learned
N-Series power supply failure
How To Configure an S-Series to set a Med and Local Preference for BGP
Can a Matrix N7 Blade Be Moved to a Different Chassis?
Where are the results from OneView Scripting saved
How To Configure a BGP Route-Map with Regular Expressions to Adevertise a Network
Is it possible to synchronize system time on AVB-enabled switches via gptp?

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