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New GTAC Knowledge Articles August 9 - 15, 2015

  • 17 August 2015
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Another big week with lots of newly published articles - here are the new articles that were published last week (August 09 - August 15 2015) in GTAC Knowledge:

Sunday, August 09, 2015:

Monday, August 10, 2015:
How to Save and Recover the Master Encryption Key in an XSR
How to install a pre-generated SSH Key in EXOS
Can I access IdentiFi AP's via SNMP directly from network management station.
IdentiFi Appliance Bookmarked URL presents Error 404
How to check if IdentiFi Wireless clients are being rate-limited?
APs do not create backup tunnel to other controller
NAC Troubleshooting Tips: NAC Agent Debugging
Is there a way to clear the Radius Statistics on the IdentiFi Wireless Appliance?
Wireless Throughput and Performance Issues with Flexible Client Access Enabled.
EOS Bonded K-Series What is the number of 10g ports allowed?

Tuesday, August 11, 2015:
Securestack will not route to some quiet clients
Siem: Determining the Version and Patch Level on a Siem Appliance
Ascom phone call latency when roaming between access points
S-Series module is rebooting with constant Fuji errors in logging buffer
Workstations' MAC addresses learned on two different VLANs in the same switch
DHCP server sending DHCPNAK packets
Scripts for third party devices are not showing up in Inventory Manager
How To Configure a probe to Monitor a Next-Hop of a Route-map on K/N/S-Series
V2110 install on ESXI 6.0 Server (archived)
Securestack with No Console Output and Will Not Boot
What is the Limitation in the Guest Portal/Internal Captive Portal User Name Length ?
New Switch In The Network Is Unreachable
When and where do I need to tag or untag vlans in different topology types on an identiFi wireless controller
Troubleshooting DHCP issues
How to configure 802.1x based Netlogin with Radius
IdentiFi v9 Rest of World License Voucher will not Activate to Colombia
NAC Manager is polling devices not in the switch tab
Trying to remove a WLAN service from a radio but the check box is grayed out
IdentiFi Wireless - AP LED status mode change from Normal to Identify or Off is not taking effect

Wednesday, August 12, 2015:
AP 3705i not seen on controller
A4-Series :Resets : osapi.c(962) 145 % Error(0xdd d83c8)
Can BlackDiamond 8800 modules be hot-swapped?
New SSID is not being advertised
Users are losing connectivity to network
SSA Switch Chip Initialization Failed
How validate and repair EEPROM on the Summit X650 before upgrading
N-Series chassis Instability with Interhost out of transmit buffers and Chassis Coherency messages
WS-DEMO37-XXX IdentiFi Wireless Demo Kit not Licensed to run v9 Firmware
What MIBs can I poll to find the number of users on an access point
Inventory Manage gives error that the schedule and device information are missing for this Archive.
What version of firmware is the AP3710 supported on?
Where can I find Access Point Radiation Diagrams?
To to export Purview Reports to a spreadsheet

Thursday, August 13, 2015:
Portal Licensing Login Not Working In Extreme Networks Support Portal
Resolution of general Licensing problems
7100-Series VSB Bonding port link status goes into operational down state
NAC - Request Throttled Due To messages are seen in Syslog
A4-Series Ports Does not forwarding Traffic Operationally Down
Netsight Server.log error Name or Service not known
How to factory reset WS-AP3865e Access Point
NetSight reporting NAC licensing violation when NMS-ADV license exists on more then 1 NAC appliance
How to Add APs to a Wireless Controller Through CLI
Can I combine MLAG and STP?
What Version of NAC Supports Agent-based Assessment for Windows 10 OS
Securestack Not Passing Traffic and Reset Resolves Temporarily
Poor Performance and Intermittent Access to Internet Through XSR

Friday, August 14, 2015:
Mitel Phones Not in Correct VLAN
Why does the RADIUS server have the NetSight server listed as a client
Dragon Windows HIDs host sensor not connecting to EMS server
License installation on a WM2000
How to Move NAC AAA services to eth1 from eth0
Cannot Change Extranet Password
Traffic flooded on one VLAN
Does EXOS support PVST+ on the native vlan of Cisco?
Difference between EOS Spanning Tree 'portadmin' and 'portenable' commands
Dragon: Dragon software will not start after a power outage
Can a LAG spread across multiple nodes in a SummitStack?
Dragon: How to locate the current Alarmtool policythat is loaded on the EMS server.
Apple IOS Clients with Connection Issues on Firmware 9.21.xx

Saturday, August 15, 2015:
Dragon: NetworkSensor not Sending Events to the Ring Buffer
Which STP encapsulation mode should be configured in EXOS to maintain EOS-compatibility?
Do NetSight and NAC Hyper-V Appliances Include Hyper-V Tools
Unable to ping or communicate with remote networks
How to save EXOS config via SNMP

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