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New GTAC Knowledge Articles September 20 - September 26, 2015

Here are the new articles that were published last week
(September 20 - September 26 2015) in GTAC Knowledge:

Sunday, September 20, 2015:

Monday, September 21, 2015:
NetSight server won't start after upgrade to 6.2
NAC Physical Appliance - Orang Arrow in NAC Mgr (Unlicensed) not licensed
How to reboot a NAC Appliance
NetSight Policy Manager 6.2 has no separate Role Action section for Wireless Controllers
How to use Policy Manager Automated Services to manage rules for a list of IP's
Netsight trap receiver unable to write to switch
BGP router crash
BGP router reset loopback interface
Chrome reports the Wireless Appliance communication as not secure due to TLS1.0

Tuesday, September 22, 2015:
OSPF and RTMGR process crash due to link flaps
The "set length" command doesn't function in version
How to setup and Use Netsight Authorization/Device Access to create credentials and profiles to connect to devices
How to setup and Use Netsight Authorization/Device Access to access Netsight for specific users groups and priviledges
Matrix-X Bootloader Will Not Update After Firmware Upgrade
Duplicate DHCP Discover Packets Received from VRRP Subnet
Access Point Is Servicing Clients But Is Not Reachable with ICMP or Listed as "Up" In The Wireless Controller
Product Damaged In Shipping
Configuration Recommendations For Voice-Over-IP Phone Port.
How To Clear ARP Entry From ARP Table
How to return defective units from Brazil back to Extreme
Wireless IdentiFi Access Points AP3825i crashes and reboots
Wireless clients on Windows and MacBooks are failing authentication
Show support times out when using Inventory Manager
OSPF state is stuck in EXSTART
MVRP port registration mode not displayed in configuration after change from defaults
Netsight: Running a configuration backup from the command line
How many EAPS Shared Ports can one switch have?
WDS bridge link not working between 3765e and 3865e
Chromebook issue with performance and connection times

Wednesday, September 23, 2015:
Error: Failed to download image - Error: File COUGAR is not for SUMMIT_KEY.
What is the last version for eWare products
ACL counter not printed correctly in clear flow rule
Does the Securestack B5 Family Support 1 Gig MGBIC in the SFP+ Ports?
What is the correct upgrade path to upgrade Netsight from v4.3 to v6.2
Are Motorola Branded Wireless AP-650?s interchangeable with Extreme AP 4600s?
Switch boots up in the BootRom mode without being able to initialize EXOS firmware.
Invalid image error when setting boot system on SSA
Is There an Option in OneView for Force Reauth and Scan of a NAC End System
Wireless Mobile Users cannot connect to any SSID
Connecting Redundant Peer Crashed BGP private Network
Virtual Switch Bonding (VSB) Link Failure
What does Multicast to Unicast feature in IdentiFi AP's do?
Netsight: Configuration backups do not appear in drop down menu in the Database Restore Window
Dragon: How are the /opt/dragon/DB/dragon.log.xxx files populated with events?
Netsight: When a user fails to log into Netesight, what does the error: 'Error while searching for user DN' mean?
Are Extreme Networks switches vulnerable to SYNful Knock?
Where can I download MIBS for the IdentiFi Wireless Solution?
Dragon: Will Java 1.8 work with Dragon IPS?
Dragon: Is Dragon IPS vulnerable to HTTP Header Queries?
Dragon: Is Dragon v7.x vulnerable to weak SSL ciphers?

Thursday, September 24, 2015:
High CPU utilization for the tbcm_msm_tx1 and bcmRX coupled with CPU congestion on BD8800 IO modules
How do MAP views from OneView create links
What are the destination MAC addresses for EAPS and ERPS
Spanning tree change notifications reported to Syslog server
How can I retrieve serial numbers from the Matrix X remotely?
How to configure SIEM for RADIUS
How to configure SIEM for TACACS
Clients on S-Series not Authenticating to Radius Server
[Netsight] XOS Vlan Management
A disabled port is shown in the output of "show spantree stats active"
Recommendation for broadcast rate-limit threshold
Wireless Appliances are failing to web authenticate users
S-Series K-series 7100 No action taken by SpanGuard upon receiving a reflected BPDU
Add had mixed results. 1 units succeeded, 1 failed

Friday, September 25, 2015:
AP 3705i not seen on controller
When attempting to set ip forward-protocol UDP port 2638 the following error "The UDP port is not supported for relaying"
How to replace the default SSL certificate in the SIEM
How to Migrate from a Hardware Wireless Controller to a Virtual Wireless controller
Where are RADIUS servers added and removed in NAC Manager?
Does G3 Switch Support VRRP?
How to schedule Access Point trace bundle collection

Saturday, September 26, 2015:
Reason for continuous log error message Slot-1: Unable to Add IPmc sender entry s,G,v=,,203 L2MC 2 flags 8004 unit 0, Entry not found seen in BD series
Can the MGBIC-LC03 Be Installed in a Summit?
NetSight Database Backup gets insufficient space message in 6.1.0.x
Packets ingressing on VLAN-bridged interfaces (Layer 2 VLANs) are not forwarded

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