Personal routers not getting an IP address, PCs do

We have a building with four 1h582-51 switches stacked, going back to one of our 3 routers on our network. Recently, all ports on the 4th floor, with the same VLAN stopped getting IP addresses. They'd hang, and get a 169.x.x.x. The VLAN was egressed on the individual ports, on the gateway, and on the router. When we moved those ports to the 3rd or 5th floors VLAN, they got full connectivity.

However, none of the users on that floor are able to get personal wireless routers to function. We've seen multiple routers (configured correctly, and working in other buildings) have this same problem. Any direction to even look for a solution is appreciated

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Is the DHCP server in the same lan ?
Is Bootp replay configured ?
Is the unlink configurerd tagged or untagged ?
Thanks for the quick response Johan, I'm very new at this side of stuff, so please forgive. The uplink is configured as tagged for the vlan they are on (as is the VLAN we moved them off of).

The DHCP server is not on the same LAN. The network path goes from that building, to one of our routers, to the main datacenter where the DHCP server is. All other floors of the building don't seem to be having this problem.
I'm not sure how to check for bootp relay, or what it is, I apologize.
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Are the vlan for the 3rd and 5th floor differend ?
did you checked the tag number of the vlan?
3rd floor is vlan 2019, 4th is 2020, 5th is 2021.

All of those are tagged on the gateway egress (ge.1.1)
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silly quenstion: The dhcp scope is still active for that network ?
Yes, plugging in a laptop to any of the ports gets you an IP address without issue. personal routers get one at all