PoE options for Summit X440-L2-48t

I am trying to support some new access points in my network and my Summit X440-L2-48t is not PoE capable. Is there a way to upgrade my 48t switch so that it is PoE capable? Failing that does Extreme Networks have some sort of exchange program?

We are a small private elementary school with a tiny budget and I'm trying very hard to our network reliable by using quality components. However, I don't think we can swing the cost of a brand new 48p switch.


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You have X440-L2-48t switch. We cannot upgrade 48t switch to PoE. All the switch which has "P" after port number are PoE enable switches ex. X440-24p, X440-48p etc.

Contact Extreme sales engineer for more information.
Thank you for the reply. I was hoping to avoid the cost of a brand new switch but I guess its inevitable.

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Hello Richard

As Summit has said there is no way to upgrade the L2 440 to one that supports PoE. As for the trade up the local team are the best to see what can be done. We may be able to do something although it most likely will not be a free swap.

good luck.