port shows as forwarding even when disabled

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On 7100 v8.22 I see the following:

->show port status ge.2.3-4

Port Alias Oper Admin Speed Duplex Type
(truncated) Status Status (bps)
------------ ---------------- -------- ------- ------ ------- ------------------
ge.2.3 LAN1 up up 1.0G full 1000-t rj45
ge.2.4 LAN2 down down 100.0M full 100-tx rj45
2 of 2 ports displayed, 1 port(s) with oper status 'up' or 'dormant'.

->show vlan portinfo port ge.2.3-4

Port Ingress VLAN Egress
Port VLAN Filter Type VLAN VLANs
---------- ---- -------- -------- --------- ------
ge.2.3 13 true static untagged 13,
forward untagged 13,
ge.2.4 13 true static untagged 13,
forward untagged 13,

Even though the port LAN2 ge.2.4 is disabled, "show vlan portinfo" shows the port as forwarding.

This is confusing, especially since I used that command in the past to know what's really going on as it was the only place where you saw what was configured together with what was actually happening....

BTW forcelinkdown is enabled too. There is no way something is going on on this port.

As a sidenote, there is a trailing comma in the VLAN list, which makes no sense. It seems to have appeared with version

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