Questions about Summit X670 Interfaces

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Anyone knows what models of mGBIC interfaces are supported by the Summit X670?

I do know that this is a 10GbE switch but we need to have at least 20 1GbE optical interfaces, 4 10GbE optical interfaces and 24 UTP twisted pair interfaces.

We also need a stacking module such as SummitStack-V160.

Is it possible with the Summit X670?

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See the last page of the data sheet. Everything listed there is supported.

Stacking by the way is done using regular ports with the X670, no need to buy a dedicated stacking module.

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Hi Robert,

Thanks for your really fast help!

So the interfaces support is ok as the ones that we need are listed there.

But If we want to have the 160Gbps stacking we will need the X670v that supports the 40GbE module right? The X670 (non-V) do not allow the use of this 40GbE module right?

Because we will use the 48 front ports! We can't rely on the front ports to do the stacking.

We're thinking that the right switch for us is the X670v and not the X670.

What do you think?

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If you need all front-facing 48 ports for regular connections you need the X670V with the VIM-40G4X, right. The other solution would be a small BlackDiamond chassis. Depends on your needs (including expandability) and the price - going for a BlackDiamond could actually be cheaper in the long run. But this is something your Extreme partner should know and tell you 😉.
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Hello Thiago

Here are a few links that will help. One is the HW/SW compatibility guide

This other link is the HW installation guide which will provide a lot of detail on the different stacking methods.

Hope that helps

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Your replies answered my questions!