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Remote Mirroring with EAPS not working

  • 6 February 2019
  • 3 replies

Hello Community,

need help for understanding and setup correct Remote Mirroring over EAPS.

If I follow the steps from the configuration guide, mirroring is not working!

After putting the commands via CLI:

enable mirror to port-list 8:2,1:48 loopback-port 8:1 remote-tag 1000 
configure mirror add port 8:35

The switch creates a VLAN called "internalMirrorLoopback_0" with an automatically set vlan tag to 3970?!?!?!

Then I followed the steps to put the vlan "internalMirrorLoopback_0" as a protected vlan in my eaps domain.

configure eaps1 add protected internalMirrorLoopback 

Then I got warnings:

WARNING: Primary port is not tagged on vlan "internalMirrorLoopback_0", EAPS=eaps1
WARNING: Secondary port is not tagged on vlan "internalMirrorLoopback_0", EAPS=eaps1

On the other transit switches I created a remote mirroring vlan as described with tagged ring ports and put it to eaps domain as protected vlan.

But at the end, on the destination switch, no traffic is mirrored and forwarded to wireshark on a client.

In my understanding, the vlan "internalMirrorLoopback_0" should have the remote-tag 1000 and added as a tagged vlan to the eaps ring ports.

What do I wrong?

Thanks for comments and help

3 replies

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Depending on how far you are extending this remote mirroring VLAN you should not need to add it in as a EAPS protected VLAN.

I would look into the article below to configure remote-mirroring:


If you are still having issues please provide a diagram that shows switch that is mirroring the traffic and the destination the mirrored traffic should be sent to along with the path in between it.
Hi Patrick,

thanks al lot for your help.

That is for shure straight forwarding and I know that link. But in EAPS Ring there is different and traffic is not forwarded to network analyser.

The setup looks like the Image below

The analyser receive no traffic.
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Can you try removing the configuration from switch 1 and 2 (I numbered the switches in your diagram)?

From there remove the loopback-port and and follow the article configuration from switch 5 to 4 and 4 to 3. See if it works from there. Do not add the remote mirroring vlan as a protected vlan. You will not have a loop since were are only configuring on 3 out of the 5 switches.