replacing the whole stack (5 x summit x440 24&48P) with new same model node with higher sw images. i need the procedure on how to do it!

due to allegedly batch defect, we will replace the previously deployed switch with new coming from new batch. please share the step on how to replace the whole stack with minimum downtime.

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Hello DASTAN in order to move the configuration over to the new stack just use the TFTP command to copy the .cfg file you want to a server. Then tftp that file to the new stack. Use the command use config to tell the switch to use that file. Then reboot.

Using TFTp saves the config as a xml file.

Let me know if that helps

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1. You have to upgrade all the switches in stack to the same software version Download image exosversion VR vr-def 2. Make sure all are in same partition 3. Run easy setup 4. Upload the backup config