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S-Series: active-standby behaviour on LAG with two 10G-links

  • 17 December 2013
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Hi Mike,thanks for your reply. We already considered Spanning Tree (and did use it in the past) but we really want to avoid it because it is suboptimal in our case and causes other issues.Our primay goal in this case is to avoid different latency times. So a possible solution could be to define how many ports in the LAG go active, the other ports can be on Stand-By. Like the "lacp max-bundle" command from Cisco's IOS:"To define the maximum number of active bundled LACP ports allowed in a port channel, use the lacp max-bundle command in interface configuration mode.lacp max-bundle max-bundle-number max-bundle-number : Maximum threshold of active member links allowed in the LACP bundle. The range from is 1 to 8."With a command like that we could configure the S-Series like "put two ports into a LAG but only one shall be active at a time".Feature Request. 🙂 Note: This topic was created from a reply on the S-Series: how to get active-standby behaviour on LAG with two 10G-links? topic.

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