S-Series DHCP problem and ip route add default, version

Greetings. I have a chassis S6 that should give for 70 DHCP address pools with mask (/ 25 and / 24). Each pool has a corresponding VLAN (30,31,32 ...). For example: VLAN 1 - (ip address for switch.) VLAN 30 - ip ip v30 pool VLAN 31 - ip ip v31 pool . . . ip address for Internet firewall Having created a number of DHCP pools, sends me an error and I can no longer create more pools. Also, what would be the best way to make a "ip route" that VLANs allows the ip firewall Internet ( enable ip forwarding it´s ok. Note: The firmware version I have is What can I do in this situation?, thank you very much.

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