S-Series: NAT Ressource Limit "IP Address" / NAT Strategy

I have a question about NAT. We have currently 3500-4000 wireless users with official external IP
Adresses in four VLANs. Since the number of our wireless clients is rising, we will
run out of official IP Adresses for wireless purposes. So we want to
give our wireless users internal addresses (192.168.x.y) and dynamically
map them to a pool of external addresses.

One can read the following table in S-Series Configuration Guide (Table 42-2 NAT Resource Limits):
Global Bindings: 65536
IP Addresses: 2000
Pools: 10
Port Mapped Addresses: 20

What exactly does the number "IP Addresses" refer to? Does it mean no more than 2000 internal IP-Adresses can be NATed per S-Series Chassis?
And what would be my outside NAT-Interface? Since I want to NAT between [wireless users vlans] (inside) and [internet](outside) and [alll other corporate networks](outside) wouldn't have to be almost every other VLAN an outside NAT-interface? Any ideas are welcome.

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