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S Series - "show vlan portinfo"

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Can you tell me when will the "show vlan portinfo" command will be added to the S Series product line?

This is a very useful command we use constantly on our SecureStack switches.


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I've been asking for it since April 2011, and it was last (in September 2012) promised for first half 2013, but they've also said it's technically difficult so I guess it's been on the backburner.
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Hi James, I have changed your question to an idea suggestion. This will allow us to track the progress of this feature within our product development roadmap. I will get this over to our PM for review and will update the status in the community. Thanks for your suggestion! Is there anything else you have been asking for feature-wise?
This command will be in 8.21 planned for December 2013
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This is great news Ali! I am sure James and Mark will be happy to see that we have this planned in an upcoming release in December. The fact that it has gone from what was thought to be a back burner item to an upcoming release it great! Please keep us up to date if there are any changes to this. Thanks for letting us know.
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Thank you so much for implementing this command which was released when Ali said it would.

It is a real time-saver and easily lets you confirm your VLAN egress is as desired. 😃

Hopefully you'll include it in all future switching products too.