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s-series ST1206-0848-F6 randonlyrejects connection of an specific ip

  • 23 October 2018
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s-series ST1206-0848-F6 randonly - apparently - rejects connection of an specific ip

3 weeks ago the switch ST1206-0848-F6 randonly started rejecting the connection of a server, we tried:

- connecting the server in another vlan, not worked
- replacing the ethernet cable, not worked
- replacing the NIC card not worked
- changing th ip of the interface from xxx.xxx.xxx.x15 to xxx.xxx.xxx.x14 and it worked, and is still working

another strange thing is that when with the ip xxx.xxx.xxx.x15 till 8.40am-18:00pm it remains blocked but through 18:00pm to 08:40 the switch accepted the connections, we imagine that was the network load between the server and the switch that trigger this event, but with no confirmation

this server is used for web proxy, so he carries the web traffic of the entire facility, we need to prevent that it wont happen again, can someone help me?

1 reply

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It would be best to open a case with GTAC to discuss options for tracking this down.