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Set port alias name on Extreme Switch

  • 10 February 2015
  • 4 replies


So when it was Enterasys system and switch I could always configure the port easily. But now on the Extreme switches I am at a loss.

I would like to know what is the Extreme Network command for setting a port alias name:

Enterasys: set port alias ge.1.x [name]

Below is a picture from our netsight and as you can see there are some names but my colleague has done this and is currently on vacation.

Thanks in advance,

Ian Cooper

4 replies

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Hi Ian,

You can use the commands:

configure ports display-string
configure ports description-string

The display-string is limited to 20 characters while the description-string allows for 255. I believe in OneView the description-string will override the display-string, but I'm not positive.

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In "most, but not all" XOS versions (15.X), you can use spaces and other characters (colons etc.) in the description string, as long as you put quotes (") around it.

configure ports 1 description-string "this is a test port:01"

The description-string can be up to 255 characters. It's the one that (if set) gets pulled from snmp queries. If it's not set, snmp queries pull the "display string" (I think)

The "show port ...." command in the CLI shows the display-string (20 char max, no special chars) by default

"show ports description" shows you a side-by-side of display string and description string for the ports queried.

Good luck!

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I also have a quick note

Extreme port alias description-string

* Slot-1 Stack.21 # configure port 1:1 description-string Uplink-to-Core

* Slot-1 Stack.22 # sh conf vlan

# Module vlan configuration.
configure ports 1:1 description-string "Uplink-to-Core"

Note: Port description strings longer than 64 characters are only
accessible via SNMP if the following command is issued:
configure snmp ifmib ifalias size extended

To remove
unconfigure port 1:1 description-string

Thank you this works,

This will help me finish my documentation and switch configuration.

Have a nice day,

Ian Cooper