SFP port (combination/shared port) not working on Summit x460

We have 8 pieces of x460-24T switch and every one has the same problem: combined sfp ports doesn't work.

X460 port 21 is configured as a vman cep port with cvid 2-100. Other side is HP 2530-24G switch connected via port 28 with tagged vlans. Link is up on both sides the connection, but data won't go through the line. HP switch sees all vlans and mac-addresses in vlans, x460 don't.

Fixed copper and SFP ports are working, but combined sfp ports don't. Used the same tranceivers on fixed and combined ports, so we know that tranceivers are working. If HP switch is connected through all other fixed ports, copper or fiber, line is working and both switches sees mac-addresses on the line.

Could this be software problem or configuration issue?

configure ports 21 medium fiber auto off speed 1000 duplex full
configure ports 21 preferred-medium fiber force
configure vman add ports 21 cep cvid 2 - 100

Image : ExtremeXOS version v1552b9-patch1-5
BootROM :
Diagnostics : 6.3

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Sorry, I had wrong information.

This problem occurs only on this one switch and is propably a hardware problem.