Sites Migration

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in this topology,While BGP and pyhsical connections are in different ports,Does sites work normally?

Existing Topology;

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Planning topology;

I shared my existing and planning topologies.

in fact,it is a migration plan.I will put the new Routers between Existing routers and Hubs.There are a lot of different steps in my mind.We are using L3VPN.There BGP session and RSVP tunnels between Exisiting routers&hub.Also server ports are in IPVPN.

1)I will migrate links from between existing routers&hub to beetween new routers and existing hub(OSFP).(in this time,BGP and RSVP wprks on new routers but there arent any BGP session and RSVP tunnels between News routers to existing routers)
2)A exisitng routers are RR and there BGP and RSVP beetwen Existing and new routers.New routers are RR client.
2)I will migrate Server from existing routers to new routers.

My questions is that in second step,Does the server work without BGP and RSVP between new routers and Exisitng routers?Shortly while BGP and RSVP are avaible between Existing routers and hub and server is directly connected to new routers,everythng will be OK or not?

if you are thinking a problemiplease tell me why?and your suggestions?

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