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Stacking 2 Switches

  • 13 October 2014
  • 2 replies

Hi All,

I'm just looking in the requirements for stacking 2 Summit devices. 1 is an x440-48p the other an x440-24p.

Can someone confirm that we require 2 Stack cables, which would be connected as a 1-2 & 2-1 configuration between the devices. A colleague is adamant that we only need one cable.

I understand the software needs to be the same on both device. Are there any other points of reference that I need to deal with before progressing?

Thanks in advance for the assistance.


2 replies

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Hello Jason If you only have two switches then one cable is enough, however I always recommend two cables in case a cable or stack port goes bad. As you move up in the number of switches in the stack you always want to have all ports connected in a ring architecture . My preference is 2 but since you only have 2 switches you won't get the benefit of extra bandwidth like you will with more switches. Hope that helps. P
Hi Paul,

That great news. Many thanks for the advice/assistance.